a sparkling new book by Jean-Claude van Itallie

Games of transformation are playful daily practices that flow like a constant brook over

the stubborn stones of our old self-involved patterns, thus slowly wearing them down

and washing them away to reveal the stream bed of our basic good nature.

—Jean-Claude van Itallie

I totally love everything about this book. It could have been written for me!
Tomas DeMoss

I had wanted for decades to meet Jean-Claude van Itallie.
He is everything I thought he would be—a truly transformational presence.
Genevieve Fraser

Such a beautiful book.
It really makes people want to participate and relate to things in a more sober way.
The photos and the games are stunning.
Dan Merchant

A manual of self-help and self-understanding. A good read!
Lois Walden

Every page is rich with a lifetime's gleanings of knowledge, insight, and intimate emotion. 
Michael Smith

I'm half way through this marvelous book and never want it to end!
It's Jean-Claude’s lifetime research into how to live fully, and I am enjoying every page.
Amazing how completely he has devoted himself to this. Thank you, Jean-Claude!
Edward Field

Tea and Demons is so very well done! Not only is the content thoughtful and well written,  but the book is arranged to make it easy to read and easy to choose between the topics.
I ordered copies for my three children as well as a for couple of friends.
Astri Lindberg

Based on Tibetan Book of the Dead and the author's many years as a pillar of experimental theater, these games are exercises, meditation, or just plain fun.
Susan Shwartz

Tea with Demons is a gem. A beautiful book to revisit again and again.
Marisa Viola

As a person who has lived alone most of her life, I find
Tea with Demons moving and meaningful.
Lisa A. Schubert

Self-awareness practices made do-able and fun. A profound, joyous experience.
Evangeline Morphos

A beautiful book. Gentle advice with insightful memoir.
Jean-Claude's voice is authoritative but kind.
Mary-Ann DeVita Palmieri

Jean-Claude has joie de vivre and wants to help you achieve the same.
Kathleen Dion

Jean-Claude van Itallie
photo by Barbara Beaussacq©